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Approaches to Pulsatile Drug Delivery System


Farswan, R., Tangri, P., Lakshmayya

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Pulsatile drug delivery system (PDDS) is a popular drug delivery system, intended to deliver a rapid, transient and able to provide the release of  two subsequent drugs which quantify the medication release after a predetermined off-release period (lag time). PDDS has number of advantages over the other oral doses form, it avoids the degradation of drugs in the stomach & its first-pass metabolism, capability to simultaneous administration of two different drugs, allows their release at different sites within the GIT and provides a release burst of drug at one or more predetermined time intervals as per patient requirements. The PDDS having a unique mechanism of drug delivery, in which the drug release rapidly after the lag time, there are numbers of PDDSs formulations available in the markets which replaced the modified-release dosage forms.


Pulsatile, Chronotherapeutic, Drug delivery system, Lag time

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Farswan, R., Tangri, P., Lakshmayya. (2015). Approaches to Pulsatile Drug Delivery System, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(2), 80-95.

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