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Formulation and Evaluation of Ethosomal Topical Gels of Etoricoxib


Indira, S., Reddymalla, P., Srinivas, P.

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The aim of the current investigation was to develop an Etoricoxib loaded ethosomal gel for better anti-inflammatory activity by sustaining the drug release and reduces adverse effects. Ethosomes are lipid vesicular carriers containing ethanol which provides better penetration of drug into the skin. Etoricoxib is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which has shown many side effects when used orally. Etoricoxib ethosomes were prepared by hot method using soya lecithin, ethanol, cholesterol and drug in different ratios. They were evaluated for particle size, entrapment efficiency and in vitro drug release. Optimized ethosomal formulation showed an entrapment efficiency of 88.09% and drug release of 90.4% in 8hrs. The optimized formulation was incorporated into gel using carbopol 934, HPMC K4M; HPMC K100.Optimized ethosomal gel (EG3) showed the drug content of 93.36% and drug release of 75.5% in 8hrs.Ex Vivo studies were performed for the optimized gel and the drug release was found to be 73.5%in 8hrs respectively. Stability studies indicated that optimized formulations were stable for a period of 3months under refrigerated conditions. It was concluded that Etoricoxib loaded ethosomal gels were successfully formulated to increase the efficacy and reduce its side effects.


Ethosomes, Ethanol, Ethosomal gel, Etoricoxib, Soya Lecithin, Phospholipon 90H, Carbopol, HPMC K4M, HPMC K100, Ex vivo studies

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Indira, S., Reddymalla, P., & Srinivas, P. (2015). Formulation and Evaluation of Ethosomal Topical Gels of Etoricoxib, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(4), 93-103.

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