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Modified Release Dosage Forms


Singh, P., Ahlawat, P.

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Modified release dosage forms have been developed to deliver drug to the part of body where it will be absorbed to simplify drug schedules. Recently, several technical advancements have been made which results in new techniques for drug delivery.  These techniques are capable of controlling the rate of drug delivery, extending the duration of therapeutic activity and / or targeting the delivery of drug to a tissue. Modified release pharmaceutical dosage forms may offer one or more advantages over conventional dosage forms of the same drug. Modified release dosage forms continue to draw attention in the search for improved patient compliance and decreased incidences of adverse drug reactions and decrease total dose of drug. Ideally, an extended release dosage form will provide a therapeutic concentration of the drug into blood that is maintained throughout the dosing interval with a reduction in a peak concentration ratio. Modified release dosage forms are designed to release their medication in controlled manner at pre determined rate duration and location in body.


Modified release, Dosing frequency, Patient Compliance, Immediate release, Extended release

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Singh, P., & Ahlawat, P. (2015). Modified Release Dosage Forms, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 4(4), 119-128.

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