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Review on Nosocomial Infections


VenuBhargavi, D., Venkateswaramurthy, N., Sambath, K. R.

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When a patient enters hospital, the hospital acquired infections are neither current nor incubating. About 9% of in-patients have a hospital acquired infection at any one time corresponding to at least 100,000 infections a year. The special effects can vary from discomfort for the patient to long-lasting or undeviating disability. A small quantity of patient deaths each year is mostly attributable to hospital acquired infections. The costs of treating hospital acquired infection, counting extended duration of stay, are difficult to measure with certainty, but may be as much as £1,000 million each year. Not all hospital acquired infection is escapable, since the very old, the very young, those undergoing persistent procedures and those with undeveloped immune systems are particularly susceptible. However, in 1995 the Hospital Infection Working Group of the Department of Health (Department) and Public Health Laboratory Service believed that about 30 per cent of hospital acquired infections could be avoided by better application of existing knowledge and realistic infection control practices.


Hospitals, Infections, Clinical Pharmacist, Management, Environment, Immunity, Microorganisms, Diagnostic criteria, Treatment, Antibiotics, Prophylaxis, Transmission, Prevention, Hygienic, Complications

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VenuBhargavi, D., Venkateswaramurthy, N., & Sambath, K. R. (2014). Review on Nosocomial Infections. International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 3(4), 83-91.

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