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Roller Compaction for Solid Dosage Form Development and its Application – A Review


Gawas, P., Wani, A., Jain, M.

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Roller compaction is a dry granulation innovation in which powder is densified between two counter pivoting moves by the utilization of mechanical weight as powder goes through the rolls. Dry granulation process powders comprise of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and excipients, e.g., diluents, disintegrants, and ointments, are blended in appropriate blender. The powder blends are then roller compacted and estimate diminished to shape granules. Roller compaction is generally want to overcome unfavorable physical properties of powders and APIs, for example, poor stream, low mass thickness, mix consistency, isolation of powder mixes by upgrading process parameter and choice of excipients. Roller compaction process has noteworthy impact on particles size appropriation, flowability, homogeneity, compressibility, compactability of dynamic pharmaceutical fixings and excipients and therefore can influence thusly disintegration profile, breaking down time, hardness and other post pressure parameter of tablet. Roller compaction process offers favorable as contrasted and wet granulation process, for example, basic assembling technique, less demanding scale up, high volume generation yield, and generally low operational expenses. Roller compaction process prohibits fluid dissolvable or binder solution. This procedure is additionally vitality effective and reasonable for preparing pharmaceutical agents that are sensitive to moisture and heat. Great quality granules can be gotten by upgrading roller compaction process parameter, for example, pressure power, roller speed, screw feeder speed, roll gap and milling.


Roller Compaction, Dry Granulation, Pharmaceutical Technology, Solid Dosage Form

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Gawas, P., Wani, A., Jain, M. (2016). Roller Compaction for Solid Dosage Form Development and its Application - A Review, International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS), 5(2), 321-332.

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